Article By Kerr & Smith

Media Statement -Meeting between Carlos Tavares and Len McCluskey

The meeting with Mr McCluskey, General Secretary of Unite the Union, was an opportunity to establish a frank and constructive dialogue in order to study how to regain the competitiveness of the Vauxhall manufacturing sites in the United Kingdom, in terms of cost/quality performance, in the context of an unstable economic environment.

Carlos Tavares, Chairman of the Managing Board of the Groupe PSA, proposed to implement the principle of co-construction with the UNITE union, in order to define a roadmap to rebuild the industrial performance of the Vauxhall factories in the United Kingdom, in a reasonable manner.

Mr. Tavares emphasised that, among other stakeholders, the UNITE union's support for this process is essential to rebuild the Vauxhall industrial footprint, to make it progress and to ensure its sustainability in the new context of the Groupe PSA.

Further meetings are planned to quickly move this recovery plan for Vauxhall's manufacturing sites to the highest level of performance, after years of degradation and in line with the PACE! recovery plan.