Three Young Drivers Win New Cars With Ingenie and Network Q

Three lucky young drivers have won nearly new Vauxhall Corsas to replace their ageing cars after entering a competition run by young driver telematics insurance experts ingenie.

Knowing that many young drivers are running older, lower value and less safe cars – which often require expensive maintenance or repairs – ingenie encouraged its online community to ask for help through a competition called #PleaseLoveMyCar.

What entrants didn’t know was that the three best entries would be offered a modern Vauxhall Corsa from Network Q, the best place to buy a used Vauxhall, to replace their tired old motors.

ingenie encourages its community of policyholders, who are all under 25, to become safer drivers by offering feedback through its telematics system and rewarding good driving with discounts.

Many young drivers achieve high standards in driving with regular driving discounts of up to 21% off their policy over the course of the year and average renewal savings of around 45%. However, while legal and roadworthy, the cars they’re driving can often be older, low value cars that aren’t as safe or reliable as more modern counterparts, don’t perform as well in a crash, and can cost hundreds of pounds to keep on the road each year.

Working with partners Vauxhall, ingenie is putting its three winners in nearly new, 5-star NCAP crash test rated Corsas, with a warranty and full dealer support. But it’s not just the winners who can benefit.

ingenie and Vauxhall are continuing to offer over 21s who buy a new Vauxhall ADAM Slam free insurance for the first year and charging just £99 for 18-20 year olds.

Combine that with Vauxhall’s competitive finance deals on the ADAM from just £149 per month and a full manufacturer warranty and the company believes many young drivers and their parents may find they are better off running a newer Vauxhall than an older used car.

Chris McKee, CEO of ingenie said: “While we realise not all young drivers can afford a newer car, we want to help make driving models like the latest Vauxhall Corsa or ADAM as cost-effective and attainable as possible for under 25s. We know newer cars perform better in the event of the crash and are much less likely to breakdown. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Vauxhall to offer a more affordable way to own and insure a Vauxhall Adam.”

Clare White, Marketing Manager at Network Q, said: “We are delighted to work with ingenie to supply these three Vauxhall Corsas and hope these young motorists enjoy driving them for many years to come.”

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