Vauxhall Injects Whiff of Quality Into Every New Astra

Vauxhall’s all-new Brit-built Astra creates a fresh and welcoming atmosphere thanks to its unique ‘AirWellness’ fragrance diffuser with a choice of either energising Dark Wood or balancing Green Tea.

“Our unique aroma system is a perfect fit to our quantum-leap Astra. It fills the car with a wonderful scent. For instance, balancing green tea is very relaxing and together with options like the massage seats, creates a completely new driving feeling,” said Vauxhall/Opel Chief Marketing Officer Tina Müller. “And for those who prefer a more masculine scent, we also offer energising dark wood.

“Take a break from the stressful daily grind for a few minutes. Nowadays, for many drivers their car is one of the few places where they can have a moment all to themselves. Every piece needs to fit together,” added Müller, summarising the idea for development of the aroma system.

Vauxhall engineers and the French perfume company Azur Fragrances worked on the AirWellness system hand-in-hand for over a year. Countless sample blends were selected, tested and enhanced until finally two scents were chosen for the new Astra’s aroma system. The advantage for Astra customers: they don’t have to decide on one scent, they can quickly and easily change the prepared scent pads depending on their mood.

While the perfumers were responsible for creating the scents, Vauxhall engineers developed the corresponding system. The aroma system can easily be mounted on the centre console with the PowerFlex adaptor and filled with the scent pads. Electrically warmed by five volts, it then releases the fragrance into the cabin. The all-new AirWellness system is available for just £40 and the scent pads can be purchased in sets of four for £10.

But AirWellness is just one part of what makes the New Astra one of the most comfortable and convenient places for drivers and passengers. Its IntelliLink infotainment system features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, allowing drivers or passengers to sync their smart phones with the car, and benefit from additional functionality.

New Astra is also the first car in its segment with the option of a driver’s seat that’s not only heated, but comes with 18-way adjustment, side-bolster adjustment, massage and memory function, and ventilation. Heated outer rear seats – standard on Elite models – is another feature that is unique in this class.

“These surprise and delight features really set New Astra apart from its rivals,” said Stuart Harris, Vauxhall’s Head of Car Line Brand. “There are few mid-size cars in the UK that can offer such a comprehensive menu of standard and optional features, allowing owners to experience a real sense of luxury at an affordable price.”